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Age Defying Revitalizing Cream 30ml

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Age Defying Revitalizing Cream 30ml

Age Defying Revitalizing Cream is a daily regimen for a brighter, younger-looking complexion. The cream treats signs of aging by restructuring skin’s tissue.
Use Age Defying Revitalizing Cream daily for a radiant, firmer and velvety skin.
Actibiome®, prebiotic like, supports skin microbiota friendly environment for a healthy and homogeneous complexion.
Bulgarian Yogurt ferment, provides bioactive substances against harmful bacteria.
Cyclopeptides increase skin’s smoothness, elasticity and firmness restoring its younger look.
Antioxidants – Immortelle Blue and Vitamin B3 create a barrier against air pollution and environmental aggressors.
Direction for use: Apply morning and/or evening in gentle circular motion on thoroughly cleansed face.

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