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Anti-Age Night Facial Cream Natural Rose 50ml


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Anti-Age Night Facial Cream Natural Rose 50ml

Cosmetic creams for night use support mainly the regeneration processed in the skin and its intensive and deep moisturizing as well as its greasing to some extent. The opportunity for night creams to deliver bioactive substances such as vitamins, coenzyme  Q10, bioflavonoids, other various antioxidants, ets.is also extremely important.

Natural Rose  RETINOL+Q10+C Night cream effectively counteracts the aging processes. Its effect is based on the unique combination of Retinol (Vitamin A),Coenzyme Q10.VitaminC, VitaminE, Apricot Oil, Natural rose water and Natural extract of Bulgarian rose (rosa damascene) petals acting as synergists against aging processes that improve blood circulation and maintain the water balance of the skin. It is applied to remove the wrinkles in the eye area, tighten the skin of the face, improve elasticity and regulate epithelial hydration. Natural Rose Night cream may be used for an indefinite time. It is perfectly tolerated even by very sensitive skins.

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