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Body lotion firming expert “NAT’AURA”


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Body lotion firming expert “NAT’AURA”

Volume: 150ml

Soft and generously nourishing body lotion designed for effective body skin care. Stimulates and activates cell renewal. The formula enriched with natural ingredients protects against moisture loss, instantly removes the feeling of dryness. The specially added active ingredient visibly tightens and redensifies skin, reduces cellulite and provides prevention against its reappearance.




    • ORGANIC ARGAN OIL** – effectively combats free radicals, has anti-aging preventive action. Nourishes dry, eczema-prone skin by restoring its barrier function. Leaves an exceptional feeling of softness and comfort.
    • ORSIRTINE ™ISR* – Increases the content of sirtuin 1 in the skin (better than resveratrol). Reduces cellular aging. Protects skin and restores it after UV radiation exposure and damage and oxidative stress. Improves the appearance and vitality of skin.
    • ORGANIC SHEA BUTTER** – nourishes, regenerates, hydrates, protects skin and restores its natural balance. A natural UV filter. Skin contact leaves a silky feeling.
    • FUCOCERT®* – a polysaccharide, which provides the skin with optimal hydration and silky sensory experience. Complex action – instantly hydrates the skin and provides hydration lasting up to 8 h.

** ORGANIC INGREDIENT certified for use in natural and organic cosmetics


* NATURAL INGREDIENT approved for use in natural and organic cosmetics


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