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Day cream Anti-age White Rose & Black Caviar 50ml


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Day cream Anti-age White Rose & Black Caviar 50ml

Exclusive day cream with incredible consistency that reduces the first wrinkles and smoothes and prevents the appearance of new! 30+ Extract of black caviar – an incredible anti-aging agent, contains nourishing and regenerating components, restores the skin to a cellular level. The caviar provides the human skin with the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals and proteins, which is the real source of great effectiveness in the elimination of aging. Contains large amount of unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids that restore the hydrolipid layer of the epidermis and strengthen the protective function of the skin. The energy complex Retinol & Q10 penetrates quickly into the skin, stimulates its natural energy, maintains the functions of the cells and the ability of the skin to remain smooth and tight. The organic rose water from white rose enriches the skin care thanks to the qualities of the rose blossoms, giving power and delicacy. Free of preservatives.

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