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Energising anti age serum “NAT’AURA” 30+

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Energising anti age serum “NAT’AURA” 30+

Volume: 30 ml.

Beauty Serum – the maximum amount of active ingredients incorporated in the easiest to absorb into the skin form. Use morning and evening in addition to regular skin care products – day and night cream. Serum with fresh and delicate texture, combining the action of ingredients with pronounced anti-aging, moisturizing and energizing properties. Tightens the contour, smoothes fine lines and brightens the complexion. Priceless care for prevention of signs of aging at age 30 +



  • PHYTOCELLTEC™ ALP ROSE /Alpine rose stem cells/ – by optimizing the potential of epidermal stem cells they improve the regeneration and the barrier function of the skin. Slow down the signs of aging – wrinkles, redness, loss of tone.
  • ALPINE ROSE ACTIVE** /organic Alpine rose extract/ – contains flavonoids, which have the ability to capture free radicals, enhance cell membranes, improve microcirculation, reduce inflammation.
  • ORGANIC BORAGE SEED OIL** – stimulates regeneration and cell renewal of the epidermis. Helps skin regain elasticity. Has preventive anti-age effect by preventing the appearance of wrinkles.
  • FUCOCERT®* – a polysaccharide, which provides the skin with optimal hydration and silky sensory experience. Complex action – instantly hydrates the skin and provides hydration lasting up to 8 h.

** ORGANIC INGREDIENT certified for use in natural and organic cosmetics

* NATURAL INGREDIENT approved for use in natural and organic cosmetics


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