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Night phyto collagen cream Unique Rosa 50ml



Night phyto collagen cream Unique Rosa 50ml

Lifting Night Cream Phyto-collagen for age-related signs with selected innovative ingredients for quick and visible effect.

– Phyto Collagen – Plant collagen with 100% natural origin. Rich in vitamins, minerals and other elements. It activates collagen synthesis and helps smooth fine lines, forming a gentle, flexible film on the skin (hydrophilic). Collagen acts as a powerful regenerator of the skin and stimulates cell renewal, leaving the skin smooth and soft.

– Organic Rose Oil Rosa Damascena – has a toning effect, nourishes, restores and improves skin elasticity

– Extract Mording – an extract of the leaves of the unique tree called the miracle tree thanks to its useful shades. Reduces the signs of stress resulting from the influence of the external environment, protects the skin from microparticle contamination from urban dust, has antioxidant action.

– Extract Iris – slows down aging processes, strengthens protective functions, preserves youthful appearance and firmness of the skin

– Verbena extract – tightens, rejuvenates, hydrates and tonifies the skin of the face

– Floral Water Rosa Damascena – 100% pure distilled rose water. It soothes, refreshes and softens

– The natural complex of 7 oils – Arganovo, Almond, Shea, Grape seeds, Apricot, Olive and Cocoa with a complex anti-aging effect

Vegan Formula

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