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Night Recovery Cream 50 ml



Night Recovery Cream 50 ml

The cream is designed with effective natural anti-aging and wrinkle care ingredients for the optimal control and balance necessary to your skin and it stimulates your skin while you sleep.
– Green Micro-algae extract stimulates collagen synthesis in the skin, increases skin firmness and has the ability to restructure and smooth out the surface of the skin.
– Bulgarian Rose Oil helps to retain skin’s moisture and to refine skin texture.
– Moringa Oil rejuvenates dull and tired skin, helps improve the appearance of wrinkles and fights free radical damage.
– Maritime pine bark extract increases the skin’s hyaluronic acid production and enhances skin elasticity.
Result: The visible signs of aging are reduced and the skin is repaired while you rest.
The regular use of Night Recovery Cream revitalizes the texture of the skin, helps to enhance radiance, firmness and tone for a more youthful appearance by morning.
For best result use also Rose Kiss Protective Day Cream.
Directions for use: Apply each evening with light massage motions on a well-cleansed face. Gets absorbed quickly.

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