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Revitalizing Face Cream “ROSE” With Q 10 – 50ml

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Revitalizing Face Cream “ROSE” With Q 10 – 50ml

Active ingredients: natural rose water, Q10, almondoil, vitamins А and Е, D-panthenol.
Ligh tcream with moisturizing and nourishing ingredients. Contains rose water for moistening and soothing the skin. Almond oil penetrates into the epidermis and restores its freshness. Enriched with a complexofvitamins А, Е , D-panthenol and Q10 cream Rose nourishes skin in depth, prevents dehydration and stimulates cell renewal.  Daily use  ensures  skin’s elasticity and velvety softness.
Apply inthe morningandinthe evening on thoroughly cleansed skin on the face and neck with light massage movements.


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