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Revitalizing hand cream “NAT’AURA”

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Revitalizing hand cream “NAT’AURA”

Volume: 50 ml.

The elegant fast absorbing formula provides optimal care, elasticity and comfort. The unique complex of natural ingredients neutralizes the damage caused by external aggressors and helps the dermis to restore its natural defense mechanisms. The skin of the hands is energized, balanced and revitalized.




  • PHYTOCELLTEC™ ALP ROSE /alpine rose stem cells/  – by optimizing the potential of epidermal stem cells they improve the regeneration and the barrier function of the skin. Slow down the signs of aging – wrinkles, redness, loss of tone.
  • ALPINE ROSE ACTIVE** /alpine rose extract/ – alpine rose extract from organically farmed roses. Contains flavonoids, which have the ability to capture free radicals, enhance cell membranes, improve microcirculation, reduce inflammation.
  • ORGANIC BORAGE SEED OIL** – stimulates regeneration and cell renewal of the epidermis. Helps skin regain elasticity. Has preventive anti-age effect by preventing the appearance of wrinkles.
  • ORGANIC SHEA BUTTER** – nourishes, regenerates, hydrates, protects skin and restores its natural balance. A natural UV filter. Skin contact leaves a silky feeling.

**ORGANIC INGREDIENT certified for use in natural and organic cosmetics

* NATURAL INGREDIENT approved for use in natural and organic cosmetics


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