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Skin Brightening Face Cream 50ml



Skin Brightening Face Cream 50ml

An intensive brightening treatment that effectively targets discoloration marks, brown spots as well as pigmented patches on the skin, giving it an extraordinary radiance and beautifully even coloration.
– A new generation of Skin Tone and Color Мodulator Мolecule that restores the perfect and even skin tone by blocking the melanogenesis process at several levels thus controlling darkening of the skin.
– Bulgarian Rose Oil moisturizes the skin in-depth and prevents it from inflammation.
– Vitamin B3 improves skin’s elasticity, dramatically enhances its barrier function, helps to lighten areas of pigmentation and age spots and revives skin’s healthy tone and texture.
Result: Visibly bright and shiny skin with perfect radiance.
The regular use of Skin Brightening Face Cream helps to protect and perfect the skin by restoring its healthy and natural tone again, leaves the skin hydrated and nourished, leads to skin glow. For all skin types.
Directions for use: Apply each morning with ligh tmassage motions on a well-cleansed face. Gets absorbed quickly.

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